You know it was a slow night tonight because I was watching Thursday Night Football. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love football and will watch pretty much any game. But I actually sat down to watch arguably the worst team in the National Football League play football. Currently, the Oakland Raiders have a record of 0-10. Meaning, they are winless. They have not won a game all year. That got me thinking… what would I do if I was winless? What would you do?  [Continue reading]

I’m Getting Fit With Fitbit Charge

FitBit Charge

If you’ve seen me lately, you’ve probably noticed a new accessory on my wrist. Sure, it looks like a cool new bracelet that I decided to start rocking… but it’s way more than that! It’s the new Fitbit Charge! I’ll be wearing it all month long as part of the SHAPE and Men’s Fitness East […]

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How To Survive A Workplace Holiday Feast

survive a holiday feast copy

It’s a war zone out there.  At first you’re just walking along, plastic plate in hand, grabbing some turkey and some ham when all of the sudden… BOOM!  Carb bombs.  POW!  Fat grenades.  BANG!  Hidden land mines of trans fat posing as innocent looking vegetables.  AHHH!!! How can we combat the dreaded holiday luncheons aka […]

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What Does Death Sound Like?

grandpas shells

There are certain sounds one associates with life events. At a birthday party, you can confidently expect to hear the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Go to a wedding and it’s a safe bet you’ll hear ‘Here Comes The Bride’ aka ‘Bridal Chorus’ or perhaps ‘Canon in D’. Attend your favorite team’s game and chances are you’ll […]

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CrossFit Death On Halloween

death by

Like a spectre, the WOD crept up on me unbeknownst. Sure, it was Halloween, the Day of the Dead… Death should’ve been at least considered, if not expected. Friday was make-up day, and I knew the WOD I had missed during the week. I walked into the box ready to tackle my EMOM of hang […]

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Celebrate The Grind

celebrate the grind

Life is hard. Life is really hard. Sometimes, life is damn near impossible. Just the daily grind of surviving is cause for celebration at times. It’s easy to celebrate winning the big game or setting a new PR or finally receiving that promotion and accompanying raise. But what about just showing up… what about the […]

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