I Am The Gatsby

Robin William’s death/apparent suicide hit me harder than I would’ve imagined.  Sure, there are “more important” things going on in the world, such as the atrocities happening with ISIS.  Sure, Robin was one of the few famous people that I’ve actually seen perform in person.  Sure, Aladdin is my second favorite Disney movie.  But what really struck me is how sad Mr. Williams truly was, how well he hid that behind his mask, and how many frowns I keep hidden behind my smiles.

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Seven Days of Positivity


I was tagged in a Seven-Day Positivity Challenge from my friend Evann.  I usually don’t do posts like this, ones that are a recap/reflection of the past week, but I welcomed the challenge.  It’s simple; for one week, share three positive things (big or small) that happened that day.  I tried to capture moments from […]

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I Am An Athlete

I Am An Athlete copy

I am an athlete. You won’t see me on ESPN.  I’ll never bring home an income from my physical exertion.  My Instagram won’t have a million followers.  You’ll never pay to watch me compete.  But I’m there, competing.  I might be competing against myself.  I might be competing against you. I am not elite.  I […]

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To Helen And Back

But Did You Die_featured

On my six month anniversary of CrossFit, I did something I hadn’t done before.  It wasn’t something I had planned on doing.  It just happened.  And when it was over, I knew I would never be the same again.  I crossed some sort of boundary, some sort of point-of-no-return.  I entered the furnace and by […]

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The 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games

2014 CrossFit Drinking Games

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games are upon us.  Hooray!  The interwebs will be ablaze with bandwidth vampires streaming the feed from Carson, CA from now until Sunday.  Want to make the most of your Fittest Person On Earth viewing experience?  Let me present to you the 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games WOD!

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Six Ways CrossFit Improves Your Golf Game

Golf Game featured

Let’s face it, you can’t WOD all day every day.  Not even Rich Froning can do that.  You have to venture outside the gym/box/garage every now and then.  One of my favorite outside activities is playing golf.  Golf has become even better lately now that I’m taking my CrossFit forged body and skills out on […]

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New CrossFit Certifications!

New CrossFit Certifications

Did ya hear?  CrossFit HQ just announced a revamp of their certification process!  Well, not so much as a revamp as it is an evolution with some new offerings.  The announcement seems to have been rather quiet, perhaps with so much focus on the upcoming Games this month.  I’ve done some research, mainly because I have […]

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