Push Your Strengths Or Push Your Weaknesses?

weakest link

Only as strong as your weakest link. We’ve all heard that line before. Whether it be cables on a suspension bridge, athletes on a team, or personal attributes, the saying holds true. As intelligent human beings, we sometimes acknowledge our weaknesses, and on occasion, even try to improve upon them. Given time and dedication, a […]

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Four Things Survey

I can’t tear my mind away from Ferguson right now, so I am going to respond to this Four Things Survey that I was tagged to complete.  An update on my Fitbit Challenge will come later this week, along with another awesome giveaway.  Stay tuned.

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You know it was a slow night tonight because I was watching Thursday Night Football. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love football and will watch pretty much any game. But I actually sat down to watch arguably the worst team in the National Football League play football. Currently, the Oakland Raiders have a record of 0-10. […]

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I’m Getting Fit With Fitbit Charge

FitBit Charge

If you’ve seen me lately, you’ve probably noticed a new accessory on my wrist. Sure, it looks like a cool new bracelet that I decided to start rocking… but it’s way more than that! It’s the new Fitbit Charge! I’ll be wearing it all month long as part of the SHAPE and Men’s Fitness East […]

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How To Survive A Workplace Holiday Feast

survive a holiday feast copy

It’s a war zone out there.  At first you’re just walking along, plastic plate in hand, grabbing some turkey and some ham when all of the sudden… BOOM!  Carb bombs.  POW!  Fat grenades.  BANG!  Hidden land mines of trans fat posing as innocent looking vegetables.  AHHH!!! How can we combat the dreaded holiday luncheons aka […]

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