Rahoi And Innocent Looking CrossFit Wods

CrossFit Rahoi feat

You’d think by now I would know that when a wod looks innocent enough on the white board, it actually means it’ll be a killer. It’s like every single horror movie where the victim escapes the psycho killer’s clutches only to turn around and head back into the house to try and save someone else – it never works out. Actually, it’s more like going up to a fluffy kitten to pet it and as your hand approaches the soft little fur ball, it morphs into a saber toothed tiger with razor teeth and you barely retract your hand in time to save it from becoming just a nub. Curse you, sneaky awful wods!  [Continue reading]

The Last WOD


Generally speaking, when we do something, we don’t envision it being the last time. When I workout, I don’t think that that is the last time I set foot in my box. When I write these blog posts, I don’t think well what if this is my last one. But… what if this is the […]

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2015 – No Fear

nofear featured

Remember those t shirt from back in the day, the No Fear ones? They had these eyes as a logo and the crazy font for the lettering… oh yeah you remember! Then, “No Fear” started getting added to everything. I remember my Boy Scout troop making shirts and randomly having “No Fear” on the back along with our […]

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Survey Results And Resolutions


Happy 2015! How many weeks/months will it take to fully drop the 14 and correctly write the 15? For me, it’ll take a while. Since 2015 is here, now is a good time to discuss results from my survey that y’all took a couple weeks ago and the impacts to blogging in the new year, […]

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I Got Fran For Christmas


Hello, welcome to the last remnants of 2014. Did everyone have a good Christmas? I hope you did! I hope Santa left everyone exactly what they wanted. You know in the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie opens all his presents, then his dad points out one remaining, hidden present… and it turns out to be the […]

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